Mem's Design Shop looks forward to creating a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship with wedding or event planners/coordinators. 

This program is for planners/coordinators who prefer not to be involved in ordering, proofing, or designing process; but would still like to send their clients to a reliable wedding stationery designer with stunning stationery designs.

After an initial contact, Mem's Design Shop will send you postcards with Mem's Design Shop information for you to give to your clients.
For more information please contact Mem Wongsa at

Planners/Coordinators do not have to be operating locally. All communication can be through email or by phone and all orders can be ship within US. An in-person meeting can be arranged for local (South Florida and Orland areas) planners/coordinators.

This program is for planners/coordinators who would like to order and handle all the necessary processes involving ordering wedding stationery on behalf of their client. Affiliates program allow planners/coordinators to earn extra money by selling Mem's Design Shop wedding stationery directly to their clients. 

A pdf file of the shop’s designs is available, and if you are highly interested in the program then we can ship you a handbook. This handbook is great to showcase to your clients; it includes a variety of samples and also information on the shop’s offerings.
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