Q::: Will the invitations and other wedding stationery items arrive fully assembled?

A::: Complementary to Mem's Design Shop clients, all of wedding stationery items will be assembled free of charge before they are shipped. All you have to do for your invitations and inserts is to put them in a set before sending them out. If you're ordering invitations with folders or invitations with pocketfolds, Mem's Design Shop will put all of your inserts in the folder or pocketfold before it ship.
Q::: Do Mem's Design Shop accept rush orders?

A::: Rush orders are handled on a case by case basis and can only be accommodated if the schedule is permitted. There may be a rush fee depending on the size of the order, timeframe, and schedule. Please keep in mind that rush fee for your order may be added–we will let you know what the fee would be once we have the details of your order.

Please feel free to inquire regarding Mem's Design Shop schedule. Please make sure to include the item(s) you intend to order, the quantity, and the event date.
Q::: What if you can't provide Mem's Design Shop an Excel document for guess addresses to print on the envelopes or guess names with table numbers to print on seating or place cards?

A::: For additional fee of $0.15 per guest, you can provide the list to Mem's Design Shop via email, Word Document, NotePad document, or TextEdit document.
Q::: Can Mem's Design Shop leave an area for you to add rhinestone, ribbon, etc yourself?

A::: Absolutely! Just let us know in advance, so we can personalize your wedding stationery item(s) around it.
Q::: How many extra invitation sets should you order?

A::: We recommend to order 10-15 extra sets to ensure you have enough for late additions, lost invites, and keepsakes. It's less expensive to order all invitations at the same time.
Q::: When should you order your wedding invitation?

A::: We recommend that you order your invitations at least 5-6 months before the wedding date. However, it is a good idea to order them as soon as you have all the details. You also need to make sure to reserve time to address your envelopes, if you're not ordering address envelopes from Mem's Design Shop. You would also need to make sure to reserve time to send the invitations out.
Q::: When should you order your ceremony program?

A::: We recommend that you order your programs at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding date. However it is a good idea to order them as soon as you have all the details of your ceremony and your wedding party.
Q::: When should you order your reception stationery?

A::: We recommend that you order your reception stationery 4-6 weeks before the wedding date. However it is a good idea to order them as soon as you have your final guest list and all the details of your menu.
Q::: When should you mail save the dates?

A::: We recommend that you mail your save the dates 6-8 months or no later than 4 months in advance. If you are planing a destination wedding, have a large number of out of town guests, or planing your wedding on a holiday weekend, I suggest mailing your save the date as early as possible. This will allow your guests plenty of time to plan accordingly.
Q::: When should you mail invitations?

A::: We recommend that you mail your invitations 6-8 weeks prior to the response date. If you are planing a destination wedding or have a large number of our of town guests, I suggest mailing your invitations 4-5 months prior to your wedding date.
Q::: Can you schedule a sit down consultation and see samples?

A::: Yes, Mem's Design Shop offers personal consultations for local brides or planners/coordinators. During the consultation, we will discuss your options according to your needs and budget. You will be able to view all the available designs and/or discuss a possible new design. I will show you a variety of samples as well as variety of available papers. Please contact Mem's Design Shop to schedule your appointment.
Q::: How to place an order?

A::: Please visit HOW IT WORKS for ordering information.
Q::: What if you want to make changes to your stationery item(s) wording or design?

A::: You will be able to make changes during the proofing process. You are entitled to 5 rounds of revisions free of charge. Each additional revision will incur an additional fee. Mem's Design Shop will not send an order to print until every aspect of your invitation is approved by you. We recommended that you have someone to help you check the proof(s) before you approve them.
Q::: Can Mem's Design Shop create coordinating accessories for your wedding day?

A::: Absolutely!!! While the invitation sets the tone for your big day, coordinating accessories are the details that add the perfect finishing touches. We can create coordinate programs, table cards, seating cards, place cards, digital seating chart, favor tags, and more.
Q::: Can Mem's Design Shop mail you or your calligrapher your envelopes before the designing process or the printing process is done?

A::: Absolutely!!! Mem's Desing Shop will mail your envelopes as soon as it possible per your request. The shipping fee is approximately $15.00, however, please keep in mind that the shipping fee may be higher for larger orders.
Q::: What are the payment options?

A::: You can choose to make your payment with PayPal or with personal check. Payment with PayPal can be made online using any major credit card. You do not have to have a PayPal account to complete the transaction. Please keep in mind that payment via personal check will take a longer time to clear. Mem's Design Shop requires payment to be cleared before any proofs will be generated or any orders will be put in production.
Q::: How long does it take for an order to be complete?

A::: Everything that happens after the email or the in-person consultation affects the timeline for your order to be shipped. The main factors for the delivery time on each order are size, the complexity, how many changes you request, how quickly you respond, and my work load.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, orders will typically be shipped within 1-3 weeks after your final approval and your final balance is paid. Save the Date Magnets will be shipped approximately 2 weeks after your final approval and your final balance has been paid. Please keep in mind that it might take longer than 3 weeks during wedding season and orders that have a ribbon take a bit longer.
Q::: Does Mem's Design Shop offer custom designs?

A::: Yes, we can design something custom just for you. Please contact Mem's Design Shop for any custom inquiries.
Q::: How do you view your proof(s)?

A::: Mem's Design Shop proofs are in PDF file format, however in some cases proofs might be in JPEG file format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the program that use to view PDF file type and it can be download for free.
Q::: Are samples available for wedding stationery items?

A::: Yes, Mem's Design Shop offers a variety of samples for purchase. Please note that not all items are available for purchase as a sample. The items that are available as sample will say "Sample Available" in the caption of the picture. For more information and how to order sample please visit SAMPLES page.
Q::: What do I receive if I order a monogram?

A::: You will receive your final monogram in both PDF and hight resolution JPEG file formats. The color of the monogram will be black on a white background; color monograms are available upon request free of charge. Other file formats may be available, please contact Mem's Design Shop for you prefer file type availability.
Q::: Why should you order sample(s)?

A::: Ordering sample(s) will help give you an idea of the sizes, colors, texture, and craftsmanship of the wedding stationery item(s) that you might be interest in ordering. For more information and how to order sample please visit SAMPLES page.
Q::: Is Mem's Design Shop have a minimum order?

A::: Yes, most of Mem's Design Shop items have a minimum order of 50. However, the minimum order for Table Card is 10. Please keep in mind that you do not have to order your item(s) in a set. You can order in any quantity you wold like (59, 107, 216, etc ) as long as it meets the minimum requirement.
Q::: Do Mem's Design Shop charge sales tax?

A::: Since Mem's Design Shop is located in Florida, we are required to collect a 6.5% sales tax for orders that shipped within Florida. Orders shipped outside of Florida are exempt from sales tax.
Q::: Can you place an order with Mem's Design Shop even though you don't live in south Florida?

A::: Absolutely!!! Mem's Design Shop can work with any brides and planners/coordinators who live within US and Canada. Email is the main source of all communications and proofing process. Please note that all pricing in Mem's Design shop is in US dollar.
Q::: How do you know if the colors will match the color you want?

A::: Please note that your monitor's calibration affects what you see on your screen. Colors appear differently on different computer screens and will look different from computer screen to printed product. Mem's Design Shop proofs are only meant to be a visual tool for proofing, and are only a rough draft of the final printed pieces. If ink color(s) are critical, please order sample or ink swatch prior to placing your order.
Q::: Does Mem's Design Shop proofread?

A::: NO, Mem's Design Shop does NOT proofread and is NOT responsible for errors in spelling, grammar, and/or mistakes overlooked by the client during the proofing process. Although we may catch some mistakes – the customer is responsible for making any and all necessary corrections before indicating their approval to send the job to production. No order will be sent to print without your approval. Please review the proofs for accuracy and mistakes before approving the proofs.
Q::: Does Mem's Design Shop required a deposit?

A::: Mem's Design Shop requires payment in full for orders under $100 and orders that are not in a wedding package. Wedding package orders and orders that over $100 require a 50% deposit in order to begin working on the proofs. Deposit is non-refundable, but it will be applied toward the final balance. After the final proofs have been approved by you, the remaining balance should be paid prior to the start of production.
Q::: My question wasn't answered here: What can i do?

A::: You can visit our Information & Policies page for  more detailed information

If your question is still not answered, please use the contact form or email us your question -- be as specific as possible. Please make sure to include your name and email address.
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